Use this guide to choose the treatment you need

30 min: suitable for a single area of concern. For best results dry needling is recommended as part of the treatment.

45 min:  ideal for children/young adults who may not have had soft tissue treatment previously.  

60 min:  this is the recommended for adults allowing for assessment, treatment and if required exercise prescription.

90 min:  ideal for full body treatments.

Remedial Massage:  each treatment is structured to meet the needs of the individual and may or may not include dry needling, trigger point therapy, thermo-therapy, stretching, muscle energy technique and deep tissue massage.  Prior to treatment the therapist will assess and discuss your presenting condition eg. headache or lower back pain and out line the proposed treatment for your consent.  Remedial massage does not have to be an uncomfortable or painful experience to gain results and your comfort levels are key to the success of the treatment.

Sports Massage:  will generally involve more stretching and exercise prescription to support the athletes needs.  Pre and post event treatments do not involve deep tissue work, for trouble areas eg. calves dry needling is an excellent option, treatment can also include thermo-therapy.

Dry Needling:  can be used as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into a massage.  Single use, fine filament acupuncture needles are used to stimulate trigger points within a muscle to encourage the area to relax.  Dry needling is excellent for muscular spasm and/or areas that have been chronically shortened over an extended period of time.

Thermo-therapy:  heated stones are used as massage tools, excellent for post race treatment for DOMS and muscle spasm, NOT to be confused with day-spa application where warmish stones are placed on the body.

Relaxation:  you don’t need to be a sports person or suffering a specific pain or disfunction to benefit from massage.  Your treatment can still incorporate any of the above elements and can be as gentle or firm as you need it to be.